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Calendar of Events

150th Anniversary Regional Tour (Virtual): California
January 20, 2022

Save the Date:
Women Empowerment Day
March 23, 2022
More information to follow

150th Anniversary Regional Tour (Virtual): New England
February 15, 2022

Save the Date:
The Intersection of Science & Medicine, Public Health, Education and Business
March 30, 2022
More information to follow

150th Anniversary Regional Tour: West Palm Beach, Florida
February 24, 2022

  Save the Date: Hearts & Minds: The Saint Peter's University Scholarship Celebration
May 6, 2022
More information to follow

150th Anniversary Regional Tour: Naples, Florida
February 27, 2022



Alumni Career Resources

Center for Career Engagement and Experiential Learning (CEEL)
Looking to change careers or need assistance with employment opportunites as a result of the current employment landscape, take advantage of the alumni toolkit offered by CEEL. Have a job you would like to post or want to mentor a current student, reach out to CEEL at (201) 761-6400.

Virtual Offerings

Prayer Intention Form
Take comfort and solace in the knowledge your prayer intention will be remembered during weekly Masses held at St. Aedan’s: The Saint Peter’s University Church.

Sunday Masses are now live-streamed from St. Aedan’s: The Saint Peter’s University Church at 9:00 a.m. in English and at 11 a.m. in Spanish. Both Masses have music from parish music ministers.

Join these Masses through the St. Aedan’s parish Facebook page, A Facebook account is not required for viewing.

Join the Ignatian Volunteer Corps
The Ignatian Volunteer Corp (IVC) provides men and women the opportunity to serve the needs of people who are poor, to work for a more just society and to grow deeper in Christian faith by reflecting and praying in the Ignatian tradition. Ignatian Volunteer Corps (IVC) New York is now accepting applications from Saint Peter's University alumni 50+ years of age for a commitment to service and spirituality from September 2021 to June 2022.

For more information about the program, please click here

Alumni Webinars Presented by Our Partners at Alumni Learning Consortium:


Our Emotional Attachment to Stuff: Decluttering Strategies that Make it Easy to Let Go

January 18
Noon (EST)


While the world seems to be in love with the idea of tiny houses and minimalism, many of us simply can't purge it all and start from nothing. Yet, a home with too much stuff is difficult to maintain, so where do we begin? Add in paralyzing emotional attachments and constant life challenges, and it can feel almost impossible to make real decluttering progress. In this deep-dive webinar, Dana will share actionable mindset shifts that will free you to make fast decluttering progress using minimal emotional energy. Register for this webinar and check out other online events here:


Love as a Business Strategy: Resilience, Belonging & Success

January 25
Noon (EST)


If you take a step back and look at your workplace culture, how would you describe it? Are good employees leaving? Are you working in a toxic environment? Through storytelling and compelling examples, Mohammad Anwar and Frank Danna - Wall Street Journal Best Selling authors of Love as a Business Strategy, will lay out a new, people-first framework for achieving any business outcome by putting love to work. Register for this webinar and check out other online events here:


How to Make An Empowered Ask to Achieve Success, Fulfillment, and Peace of Mind

February 3
Noon (EST)


For many of us -- across various cultures, identities, and experiences -- asking for support may be thought of as a sign of weakness or incompetence. As a result, we often struggle through challenges alone, which leads to stress and feeling stuck. However, the opposite is true when it comes to leadership and a true display of confidence. The willingness to ask for and accept support is the key to success, fulfillment and peace of mind. During this empowering webinar, facilitator Elayne Fluker will uncover limiting beliefs and blind spots you may have about support, demonstrate how these beliefs and blindspots may be holding you back at work and in life, and teach strategies to get the H.E.L.P.™ that allows you to stress less and accomplish more. Register for this webinar and check out other online events here:


Listen Like You Mean It: How to Be a Better Listener from the Boardroom to the Dinner Table

February 8
Noon (EST)


For many of us, listening is simply something we do on autopilot. We hear just enough of what others say to get our work done, maintain friendships, and be polite with our neighbors. But we miss crucial opportunities to go deeper—to give and receive honest feedback, to make connections that will endure for the long haul, and to discover who people truly are at their core. In this enlightening webinar, author Ximena Vengoechea reveals tips and tricks for being a more effective listener, including cultivating a listening mindset, identifying unmet needs in conversation, and how our default listening mode can get in the way of connecting with others. Register for this webinar and check out other online events here:


Impact Players: How to Take the Lead, Play Bigger and Multiply Your Impact

February 17
Noon (EST)

Why do some people break through and make an impact while others get stuck going through the motions? In every organization, Impact Players are indispensable colleagues who can be counted on in critical situations and consistently receive high-profile assignments and new opportunities. In this deep-dive webinar, New York Times bestselling author and researcher Liz Wiseman reveals the secrets of these stellar professionals who play the game at a higher level. Drawing on insights from leaders at top companies, Wiseman explains what the most influential players are doing differently, how small and seemingly insignificant differences in how we think and act can make an enormous impact and why-- with a little coaching--this mindset is available to everyone who wants to contribute at their highest level and do more meaningful work. Register for this webinar and check out other online events here:

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