A Tribute to Sacrifice

The Veterans memorial,Tribute to Sacrifice, was dedicated on Sunday, November 2, 2014, and honors fallen alumni and students
who lost their lives while serving their country. It is located in the courtyard outside of the Mac Mahon Student Center on Saint Peter's University Jersey City campus. 

For more information, please click on the name of the alumnus below.

Cornelius G. Briody
Class of 1913

     Edward J. Farrell Jr.

Vincent S. Manning   James P. McGovern
Class of 1913
Alfred Joseph Shine
Class of 1915


Joseph Leo Behan
Class of 1939

  Leo G. Berinati
Class of 1941

George F. Bruck
Class of 1939

  Robert M. Cafarelli
Attended 1940-41

William A. Callery
Attended 1939-41

  James E. Gallagher
Class of 1939

John M. Gibson
Attended 1942-43

  George Gregory
Attended 1938–41

James A. Hamill
Attended 1937-39

  Robert A. Hanlon
Class of 1938

William J. Henry
Class of 1936

  Austin W. Kelly
Class of 1942

Victor T. Kelly
Attended 1939-42

  Joseph R. Mackin
Attended 1940-43

John F. Maloney
Attended 1942-43

  William R. Mundt
Attended 1933-34

Harry F. Murphy
Attended 1936-37

  William G. Nutzel
Class of 1940

James G. O’Dea
Attended 1943-44

  Carmel J. Phelan
Attended 1938-41

Archie R. Pflugh
Attended 1942-43

  Thomas F. Torpey
Attended 1939-40


Paul J. Hydo
Class of 1940

  Gregory McCann
Class of 1956

Leonard J. Kray
Class of 1957



Douglas J. Brustman
Class of 1968

  Frederick J. Carlson
Class of 1966

Myron F. Diduryk
Class of 1960

  Barry F. Graham
Class of 1961

Jon C. Jacobson
Class of 1969

  Gregory P. Kernahan
Class of 1964

David M. Kozak
Class of 69

  Robert J. Marositz
Class of 1961

Robert W. McCaskey
Class of 1957

  Emery G. Mikula
Class of 1964

James F. Sosnowski, M.D.
Class of 1961

  William C. Stefko
Attended 1966-67

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